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Evening all,

Just found this community, looks nice, I've yet to have a read through it but I though I would just say hello to everyone. I'm Benn, but I'm commonly reffered to as "The BN" as in,  the french chocolate biscuits. I'm 15, from dear old England, much to my dismay, and I spend way too much time sat at my computer, which happens to be a rather worn out Dell Inspiron 2650 for all you curious  people. 

Before I bring this little introduction of Me-ness to an end, Have many people here had a chance to play with the SketchUp program that google have just bought? I believe I wrote something about it the other day in my journal. What do people think of it?

toodle pip xx
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zire memory/storage?


just wondering, where is the best place to buy a back up card for palm zire 72?
looking for the biggest, and 2nd biggest storage i can find.....need to hold books and media. I am looking online to shop, but find it snowblinding....can also shop in person in NY.

thanks for any advice!
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Treo treo treo

Hello---looking for a treo 600 or 650 that is not over priced that serves sprint. I was burned by new egg.com on the one i bought from them. It was my own fault for now knowing what to expect. I thought they could be used by all companies but strint phones are special. Anyway i'm sending it back and in need of a replacement. If you guys see and refurbished units out there, drop me a line. I'm going back to XM radio now (drool over my delphi).


LEDs not just for case mods anymore.

There’s a really excellent, largely non-technical analysis in the article LEDs to Outshine Fluorescent Lamps found in the July 2005 issue of Nikkei Electronics Asia Online. The author, Satoshi Okubo, expertly explains the market forces in play in the solid state lighting industry, and gives an excellent glimpse of the developments to come over the next five years or so. There’s also some really superb diagrams to help the reader understand that while we’re very near a tipping point today, there’s a lot of room for improvement in solid state lighting, and it’s not all about price points.

Some great observations that are unique to this article (as far as I know):
White LED prices have dropped 20% each of the last three years
White LEDs are 100 times as expensive as fluorescent (in dollars/lumen)
Packaging improvements learned in the low-output market are translating to the high-output (illumination) market
Solid State lighting removes barriers to entry for companies interested in entering the lighting industry

Make sure you click the diagrams to get big versions, they are very informative.
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Cingular Motorola ROKR I TUNES phone for $35

I just wanted to let you know about this great deal on a Motorola ROKR. You have to join an icky pyramid thing - butit is much easier/less expensive than most. The total cost to you is $35 and you should recieve your product in a decent amount of time (assuming you find people to say you referred them - and if not it may take a bit longer) at least check it out, going to the site is free anyway!
Here is the link www.getyourmobiles.com

If you decide to go ahead and sign up please use the Sarah that signed up on September 14th as the person who referred you. (Also -just- this information is selling for over $50 on ebay, so I figure I will save the bargain hunters a bit of $- afterall I just want a new phone)