Schmitterling77 (schmitterling77) wrote in gadgets,

Cingular Motorola ROKR I TUNES phone for $35

I just wanted to let you know about this great deal on a Motorola ROKR. You have to join an icky pyramid thing - butit is much easier/less expensive than most. The total cost to you is $35 and you should recieve your product in a decent amount of time (assuming you find people to say you referred them - and if not it may take a bit longer) at least check it out, going to the site is free anyway!
Here is the link

If you decide to go ahead and sign up please use the Sarah that signed up on September 14th as the person who referred you. (Also -just- this information is selling for over $50 on ebay, so I figure I will save the bargain hunters a bit of $- afterall I just want a new phone)

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