September 27th, 2005

  • shakay

Gadgets GALORE! GPS from Adventure GPS at

Call me partial because it's where I work, but Adventure GPS is a great source for all sorts of GPS gear and such. If we don't have it we'll help you find it, and if we offer the best in customer support -- we've been involved with GPS since it FIRST became available. So, in case just can't pass up a good deal...or are still looking for that elusive item...

We're doing a BIG inventory reduction and clearance sale at my work -- Adventure GPS: You're choice for GPS and Accessories.

We offfer our usual mix of GPS and Adventure gear at but we are also featuring other items -- from office chairs to GPS accessories, compasses and everything in between via Amazon user sales. Some of these are misc items from product lines we no longer carry or even misc office equipment and such? -- a Fall cleaning of sorts! Need a copy of SQL 7.0 with 25 users lisc. or a book on Bicycling Coast to Coast: A Complete Route Guide Virginia to Oregon, a digital compass or wind meter, waterproof PDA case or XM Satellite radio ROADY with Wireless FM Modulator -- we've got it.

Here's a list of all the items we've listed through -- See something you want? Email us at amazon [AT] gps4fun [DOT] com.
Looking for something akin to an item we have listed? email we might have that too....CHEAP!

Find things you never knew you wanted or have always searched for -- SHOP NOW!

Note: Some of these items may have already been sold while others were removed from sale by Amazon's new electronics sales policy. Please contact us for availability and current pricing -- many items are available at even deeper discounts! Check out the list of sale and clearanace items on our website too!