Kitchen gadgets

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Poppit was designed to store your orphan fruit and veggie halves, featuring concentric layers that provide a tight seal on any exposed produce, from onions to apples. Simply push a halved fruit or vegetable into Poppit’s surface, and one of its silicone rings will engage automatically, expanding to accommodate produce regardless of size.

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I'm sure I saw a gadget advertised a good while ago - a remote that you aim at an irritating noise, so you can't hear it anymore. Sends noise at it so that its vibrations won't reach your ear or something. Sounds silly but has anyone heard of this, does it work?

Simulation Software

Can anyone here suggest a simple to use FREE circuit simulation program?
I'm looking to build some simple LED circuits and perhaps a PWM powersupply in the future. I've found dozens of flavors of SPICE. But they all seem to be like hammering in a thumb tack with a wrecking ball.
Really all I need is the mickey mouse, MS paint, tinker toy level of simulation. Any suggestions?

TX went for a swim

it's been a long 48 hours.

the rain on friday morning, was more like a sheet of water.. more like
swimming than walking to work.

I thought my TX would be fine at the bottom of my Kathmandu bag. I
thought wrong.

my fancy new teflon "riding coat" (the kind aussie cowboys use,
supposedly)deflect all the water to pool at my back, and into the

I first noticed when i removed my ipod from my bag, and put it on my
desk at work. i left to make a coffee and returned to find the papers
underneath it soaked through to mush...

supressing a scream, i casually opened my bag, to find my cellphone
and my Palm TX, in a pool of water.

The ipod was fine - the buttons that click wheel have proven to be
cmpletely water tight.

The phone, - - i wouldnt mind a new phone, but it was also
functioning perfectly.

but the palm tx was not looking good. The foamy standard cover protect
it well from impact, but in damp it wicked all the water in towards
the screen. It was drenched, i could see the water moving around under
the screen

pulling on the cowboy coat again, i wacked th dial on my BT headset as
ran out of the office. I voice dialled my other half, callum, and run
2 blocks uphill in the rain, the wind so strong it nearly knocked me
sideways on vivian street.

At Callum's workshop, the other hardware g33ks gathered around, with
comments "It's a gonner", "it's fried", and other helpful comments.

Callum pulled it apart, and left it under a lamp. there ware water all
through the screen, in inside the LCD.

But, hurrah hurrah !!! no water in the circuitry of the main board.

so, a day under the lamp - and a day of fretting .

I just now took it home, to the charger, and waited..

and it's WORKING!! can you believe it? There's now a big finger print
visible on the screen, but other than that unscathed!

it's fetching my email right now.

It's so good to have my TX back.

GPS + USB + Bluetooth

Помогите !!! Имеется:
1. GPS с USB коннектором подключённый в компьютер
2. в компьютере (Win XP) есть bluetooth
3. КПК или мобильник, тоже с bluetooth
Как зашарить через bluetooth, COM порт на который подключён GPS ?
Так что-бы КПК считал его GPS-ом с bluetooth типа такого:
В XP нашёл только как создавать новые порты под bluetooth.